Our Goals

Our Goals
Our Goals

This tower is illegal. We would like the City to go back to the drawing board, evaluate alternatives, find one that's legal, and implement it. The code was put there “to minimize adverse visual and aesthetic effects” and ensure “property values are protected.” When an alternative is selected that is compliant with the City telecom code, perform the following:

  1. Engage the public in a series of neighborhood meetings to inform us on the alternative, solicit feedback, and integrate that feedback in the execution of this project.
  2. Disclose the true visual impacts through professionally produced and accurate renderings from multiple vantages including major public thoroughfares leading into neighborhoods near the alternative, and in multiple lighting scenarios. Identify mitigation for visual impacts and engage with the public in how to implement this.
  3. Disclose the true aesthetic and visual impacts on the area, if in open space, from the alternative, and identify mitigation; engage with the public in how to implement this.
  4. Work with City council to execute an amendment to City code that no further consideration of development of any kind be considered on Old Rocky or Peak 732 just to the north, and the ridgeline that connects them.
  5. Provide complete restoration of damaged areas on Old Rocky back to the original condition, and relocation/creation of new trails that have been damaged by construction, since repair of the rocky, loose material is not feasible at the steep grades of the previous trail.
  6. Provide additional mitigation on our open space, including usable entrances, weed management (e.g. star thistle), and trail improvements.