Get Involved

Concerned Citizens for Old Rocky - Join Us!

Your involvement is critical if you want to modify this project given it has gone to construction. While earlier engagement during planning would have been ideal, the lack of extensive public noticing (did you know?) and unclear information about the project means that there was not sufficient opposition early on to modify it before construction.

However, that does not mean we can't stop it now. Pressure from the public WILL have an effect. 

Help us:

  1. For starters, get on our mailing list, we will keep you up to date and advise you of any public meetings.
  2. Contact the mayor and councilmembers, and continue to contact them. Email:,,,
  3. Contact the City Manager Jeremy Craig ( and assistant City Manager Aaron Busch ( We are requesting a public meeting, advise them you are waiting.
  4. Visit Old Rocky, see what we will be affected. Keep posted here for some guided hikes.
  5. We are presently not taking donations as we have not plotted our course out past our original legal evaluation. Thank you for the many who generously donated to our GoFundMe campaign ( as well as offline (you raised over $10K). All donations have gone to the attorney.
  6. Tell friends and neighbors, storm social media, and post and pass fliers. We have materials, see Useful Content page here.
  7. Offer any additional assistance, let us know how you can help.
Thank you for your time!